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The Astronaut Wives Club S01

Season 01, Episode 03 — Retroattitude
The women ready themselves for Scott Carpenter’s launch and a move to Houston; at the same time, Rene receives the opportunity to tell her story in LIFE Magazine; and Deke deals with some troubling news that puts his future as an astronaut in doubt.

The McCarthys S01E12 HDTV x264-LOL

Posted by KenWatch July - 3 - 2015 0 Comment TV Series

The McCarthys S01

Season 01, Episode 12 – Gerard’s Engagement Party
Marjorie has to try and bond with her future daughter-in-law after Gerard misses the engagement party.

Under the Dome S03

Season 03, Episode 03 – Redux
The citizens of Chester’s Mill try to move on with their lives after their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town. Meanwhile, Big Jim suspects new residents Christine and Eva are harboring secrets about the Dome.

Vector Thrust-CODEX

Posted by KenWatch July - 3 - 2015 0 Comment Games

Vector Thrust-CODEX

Vector Thrust is a fast-paced single and mulltiplayer combat flight game, using a unique cel shaded art style. With an extensive variety of game modes like the unpredictable and vicious Quick Action, a customizable Skirmish Mode, and multiple immersive story-based campaigns, Vector Thrust aims to please both players wanting to get straight into the sky and those who love a flexible, diverse and customizable gaming experience. Vector Thrust gives the player full power over the game to alter any aspect of the game they choose, ranging from simple tweaks to full-blown modifications. Adding user-made skins, changing unit performance and parameters or even complete battle scenarios is easy and open to anyone. With fully fleshed out Map, Mission and Campaign editors, Vector Thrust boasts unlimited expandability and adaptability.

Legends of Eisenwald-CODEX

Posted by KenWatch July - 3 - 2015 1 Comment Games

Legends of Eisenwald-CODEX

Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements. Take the lead of a small feudal army and try to defend your right to survive in this ruthless medieval world. The mysterious lands of old Germany are waiting for you – it’s a land where the superstitions of the time have come to life. This isn’t a fantasy game. There are no elves or dragons here. There are only people – and their passions, sins and fears that often take a tangible form. Which path will you choose? Live according to your conscience? Or live by power and might? Or will you live by justice? And what is your justice, really?

How to Survive Third Person Standalone-CODEX

Posted by KenWatch July - 3 - 2015 0 Comment Games

Driven by community suggestion, 505 Games and EKO Software introduce you to a new single player 3rd person view experience that allows you to re-play the zombie crafting adventure “How to Survive” from a deeply immersive point of view.

Total War ROME II Emperor Edition-RELOADED

Emperor Edition is the definitive edition of ROME II, featuring an improved politics system, overhauled building chains, rebalanced battles and improved visuals in both campaign and battle. In addition, Emperor Edition includes all content and feature updates made available for ROME II since its launch in September 2013. These include Twitch.TV integration, touchscreen controls, new playable factions and units, and Mac compatibility. The Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack and all Emperor Edition content and features are free, via automatic update, to all existing ROME II owners.

Masters of Sex S03E01 HDTV x264-BATV

Posted by KenWatch July - 2 - 2015 0 Comment TV Series

Masters of Sex S03

Season 03, Episode 01 – Parliament of Owls
Masters and Johnson get ready to publish the results of their study. Virginia has to deal with some parenting issues.

Wayward Pines S01
Season 01, Episode 07 – Betrayal
After discovering the truth behind Wayward Pines, Ethan finds a bomb planted in his car, which makes him question people whom he thought he could trust. Meanwhile, Kate and Harold have a fertility consult meeting with Nurse Pam and Ben and Amy’s relationship heats up.

Ray Donovan S03E01 HDTV x264-BATV

Posted by KenWatch July - 2 - 2015 0 Comment TV Series

Ray Donovan S03

Season 03, Episode 01 – The Kalamazoo
Ray attempts to help a wealthy family get their kidnapped son back. Mickey discovers a new enterprise.