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File Hosts Overload & BIRD Movies!

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 5 - 2014 29 Comments Site News

File Hosts Overload: Look like a few file hosts overload because of yesterday, hot game days and crazy uploaders. I don’t know how long they take to fix problems but now my uploading will slow down to wait for them, I don’t wanna redown and reup. Some TV shows missed some file hosts will be skipped.  File hosts got issues: 180upload, go4up, firedrive, sockshare, all best free file hosts now i think.

About BIRD Movies: No more Bird Movies! I think he’s selling his stuff, he’s not uploading for free anymore. There’s nobody can download & reuploading to other hosts, neither do i. The only way to download from his site is donate him, i think its like we have to pay him monthly. There’s nothing free forever, even something use word “free”. So you guys should deal with other versions or get full BluRay version, bigger but its way better than BiRD.

Automata 2014 720P BRRiP XVID AC3-MAJESTIC

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment Movies

Automata 2014 BDRip

In a future where Earth’s ecosystem verges on collapse, man-made robots roam the cities to protect dwindling human life. When a robot overrides a key protocol put in place to protect human life, ROC Robotics insurance agent Jacq Vaucan (Antonio Banderas) is assigned to locate the source of the manipulation and eliminate the threat. What he discovers leads Vaucan, ROC Robotics and the police into a battle with profound consequences for the future of humanity.

Farming Simulator 15-CODEX

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 1 Comment Games

Farming Simulator 15-CODEX

Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator! With a brand new graphics and physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects transporting the Farming Simulator franchise to a new era.Manage your own farm: from harvesting to animal husbandry, and from the sales of fresh products to woodcutting, the benefits of your exploitation will allow you to develop, and invest in new and more powerful vehicles or tools. Across hundreds of acres of land offered by the new Nordic environment, and a renovated North American environment, use and drive over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, from over 40 most famous manufacturers (including 20 new brands): New Holland, Ponsse, Case IH, Deutz-Fahr… This new equipment includes a selection of vehicles and tools entirely dedicated to a new activity in Farming Simulator: woodcutting! In multiplayer, invite up to 15 friends to help you develop your farm. Thanks to an active and passionate community, benefit from limitless new content: new vehicles, tools, and even environments!

Reign S02E05 HDTV x264-2HD

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment TV Series

Reign S02

Season 2, Episode 5 – Blood for Blood
Tension rises between the Catholics and the Protestants. Francis receives a gift from his dead father. Kenna is shocked by a discovery.

Nashville 2012 S03E06 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment TV Series

Nashville 2012 S03

Season 03, Episode 06 – Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy
Rayna is nominated for several CMA Awards, but she and Luke are rivals in the top category. Meanwhile, Juliette invites Avery to be involved in her life as her baby’s father; a backup singer helps Deacon; and Gunnar asks Scarlett for advice.

Sonic Adventures 2 Battle HD PC Repack z10yded

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment Games

Sonic Adventures 2 Battle HD PC Repack z10yded

In the fight between heroes and villains, will you choose to save the world or conquer it? The hunt for the Chaos Emeralds is on and battle lines have been drawn between Hero and Dark. Experience two unique adventures featuring both long-time heroes and new and returning villains as they battle for the fate of the world! Save the day as heroes Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles or cause chaos as Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and Rouge, utilizing each of their unique skills and abilities! Take a break from the main story and challenge a friend in two-player across kart racing and other competitive modes! Raise your own pet Chao, improve their statistics, and compete with them in unique mini-games! Challenge yourself to complete over 150 unique missions across 30 action filled stages!

Up the ante in the fight between heroes and villains with Sonic Adventure 2’s Battle Mode DLC! Upgrade your Sonic Adventure™ 2 experience with six new characters, 21 additional two-player battle maps, and Chao Karate from Sonic Adventure™ 2: Battle!

American Horror Story S04

Season 04, Episode 04 – Edward Mordrake (2)
Edward Mordrake continues his search for a Freak to add to his ghostly coterie. Elsa tells the grisly story of her days in Germany. Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with the Twisted Clown.

Takedown Red Sabre PC Repack z10yded

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment Games

Takedown Red Sabre-RELOADED
TAKEDOWN is a thinking-person’s shooter. The player that takes things slow, aims carefully, and plans their moves right will overcome the player who runs in with guns blazing. Close-quarters battle brings the fight inside, as you would see SWAT teams or SOF units taking down small numbers of dangerous adversaries. Non-linear environments allow for multiple routes and tactics and add replayability. In recent years, shooters have become homogenized. There used to be a wide range of different games to choose, from run-and-gun action titles to slow-paced tactical shooters focusing on strategy and tactics, but now most shooters follow the same model of big set pieces, regenerating health, linear levels, and “cinematic experiences.” The realistic tactical shooters with in-depth planning have almost entirely disappeared in recent years…

The League S06E09 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment TV Series

The League S06 Season 6 Download
Season 06, Episode 09 – Taco Standard Time
Andre and M’Lady are at odds. Lane goes through a tough time. Taco battles daylight savings time.

South Park S18E05 HDTV x264-KILLERS

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment TV Series

South Park Season 16 episode online download
Season 18, Episode 05 – The Magic Bush
A scandalous invasion of privacy makes the South Park denizens edgy as Cartman and Butters get in possession of a drone.

The 100 S02E02 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

Posted by down2-iwatch October - 30 - 2014 0 Comment TV Series

The 100 S02

Season 2, Episode 2 – Inclement Weather
Clarke confronts Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry). Meanwhile, Kane interrogates one of the 100; and Abby performs emergency surgery.